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About Me

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Hello, everyone!

I am a student. My constellation isand I have driving licenseto drive.

Iopen source and hacker culture. My English name comes from β€œfree software”, which named by myself after reading The Cathedral and the Bazaar, Hackers & Painters, The Mythical Man-Month, Just for Fun and Free as in Freedom.

Daily Life


I have a rooted Android. Sometimes I do some lightweight developmenton it when I am on alike this:

Fix a typo fast

git clone --depth=1
git checkout -b fix-a-typo
vi XXX
git add -A
git commit
gh repo fork
git push
gh pr create

In the Laboratory

I code in my favourite Archlinux desktopwith a $2880 \times 2560$ screen composed of two monitors when I am in USTC IVCLab. I have spent wakatime and codestats on coding and will spend the rest of my life on it.



Go Home

When I return to my, I use my NixOS laptopto connect my OpenWrt router and use firefox to surf the network. I watch animations, read comics (like this, this, this and this) and novels (like this, this and this).



my recent status


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This repository contains my dotfiles:

The OS configurations can be found:


If you are my junior, you can find all my homework as a reference.

Contact Me

This is my homepage. If you are :satisfied: with me, you can find:

more information about me

Welcome to me or join github/discussions.

Let us work :construction_worker: hard for a bright future!